Multiversal trip, A young alpha ape, restless, ApeShrooms let it rip.

In a parallel universe, floats a rocky desert-like planet. 
 On it, a young civilization was just starting to invent tools from bones and stones.
Little did they know, their entire existence was about to change. 
On a dark and cold night, a tribe of Apes was sleeping soundly. 
Except for one young Ape, called Alpha...

  Alpha Ape was awakened by a mysterious yet intriguing light. Curious as always, Alpha followed the light and found a big, bright, and fascinating… PINK MUSHROOM! 

 Alpha was astonished by his finding, and to investigate this funny-looking mushroom, he ATE IT. Rumour has it that the taste is even more mind-blowing than its visual features.

Woke up somewhere new, An Iron Age Spectacle, Alpha's dream came true.

After that, Alpha went back to his tribe and slept the night away The next morning, Alpha was awakened by the sound of cannons and swords clashing!? 

 As he opened his eyes, he realized that he was ACTUALLY IN A CANNON The next thing he knew, he was soaring through the sky flying over castles, churches, and almshouses. Alpha saw agricultural forests and fields, occupied by helmet-wearing apes, drinking glasses of Ape beer and forging armor to start their day. 

His eyes were bright and filled with joy, as he witnessed what evolution would look like That is until he crashed into a big metal sign that reads: IRON AGE.

How we apes stumble, Across a shroom near rubble To new age, we fumble

“Is this a dream? A parallel reality?" 
Nevertheless, Alpha was captivated by his experience and was determined to continue his journey and explore even more advanced civilizations. He spent days roaming the unfamiliar land to seek the next step in his journey Then one night, when walking through the forest, he saw a mysterious yet familiar glowing light in the distance. 

Alpha, who was set on continuing his journey, followed the light that led him to another glowing pink mushroom! Excited for his next trip, Alpha ate the mushroom and fell asleep.

Ape Dumpster Diving Outside, Modern Age Thriving Young Ape Wisening

The next day, Alpha woke up feeling hot and squeezed in a tight space, realizing he found himself waking up in a dumpster As he got out of it, he walked his way out of the alley to the main street and was staggered by the view of skyscrapers, buildings, neon signs, cars and apes with colorful short furs wearing tuxedos and many different kinds of clothing. 
He began roaming the streets to explore this reality that he’s never seen before.

Free spirit, wild soul Around the city he goes And spots an ApeShroom

As Alpha walked further from the city, he encountered a group of teenage Apes that had just finished drawing graffiti on a wall that says: WELCOME TO THE MODERN AGE.

 Alpha tilted his head left to right, as he felt amazed by the artwork But, he thought to himself that he could add some touches to make it look better So he grabbed a spraying can on the ground and just as he was about to spray, he heard a loud whistle from afar. 
It was a police officer! And not knowing anything, Alpha started running when he saw a new mushroom...
Flying cars, Boulevards Future genius apes living large Digital Ape Stars 

A new day, a new adventure begins. Alpha woke up on the rooftop of a broadcast tower in the middle of a cyber city. a flying car suddenly stopped in front of him, and Ape-napped him! Still flabbergasted, Alpha realized that he was being taken away from the city. He was then dropped off in front of a large building with a big sign that reads: MYTHIC COUNCIL

Ape ass on display Mythic council booms “You’ll pay” Will Alpha be okay? 

Inside the MYTHIC COUNCIL, he sees apes from the different Eras he had journeyed to. All sitting on high chairs looking down at him. But something about these apes look different though, they all look… Mythical. The leader of the council then asked Alpha about his origins. The room was silent, as they were astonished by Alpha’s story.

Alpha has done well Upgraded to golden shades "Go and tell your friends"

After Alpha finished explaining his journey and about the mysterious pink mushroom, the mythic council leader walked up to him and whispered something that we’ll never know. Before being sent back to his time, Alpha was given a unique, beautiful golden glasses that only he owns, making it a one of a kind. As a gift from the future.
Alpha, now a prophet ApeShrooms in his cave pocket To Moon, 
we rocket!

For the first time in what seemed like weeks have passed, Alpha wakes up to a familiar scene… His home cave. 
Alpha quickly ran back to his tribe and shared with them about the amazing adventure that he experienced and the advice that was given to him by the Mythic Council leader. 
Just like the Mythic Council members, everyone was speechless, yet eager to take on and execute the advice given from the future. 
The first they did? They built a sign that reads: STONE AGE
Upgrade to Mythic Known through the metaphysic Alpha made civic.

Years passed, innovations and breakthroughs were achieved, and of course; Evolution. 
A fully grown Alpha is entering a large building, and nothing other than the sign that reads: MYTHIC COUNCIL Alpha, now the leader of the council and wearing the one of a kind hat that was given to him years ago. He is an inspiration to the next generation of apes that have inherited his spirit and dreams of becoming a member of the Mythic Council.

Stone Apes are the purest generation of living apes with one distinct trait in that they all wear beautiful, natural long hair. With bone-made tools, bows and arrows, Stone Apes are perfectly equipped for a life of NFT foraging and constant exploration!

Having mastered the art of blacksmithing, Iron Apes can wear a broad range of NFT medieval military equipment. They often fight each other amicably and are also a bit more territorial than their stone ape cousins.

Modern apes fully embrace social media, are addicted to selfies and fashion, love pop trends and are well-versed in all types of rap/rock/electronic music. They are also massive NFT art collectors.

Futuristic apes are biotech wizards whose sole goal in the Pictoverse is to spur new forms of decentralized intelligence… They value nothing like life enhancing NFT implants and mysterious artefacts.



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