A colourful collage of pop culture, classic film, online and musical references, Going Ape from Nikopicto directors Nicolas Lesaffre and Charles Blanchard, pictures a world in which our hairy genetic cousins have fully embraced the smartphone and all the questionable behaviours that go along with it.

Screening/award and official selection :

2019 Digicon6 ASIA Award Hong Kong
2019 Woodstock Film Festival
2019 Cape Town International Animation Festival 
2019 Australian International Animation Festival
2019 Insomnia Festival Russia
2019 Aimac Spain
2019 Anilogue International Animation Festival 
2019 8th China Independent Animation Film Forum
2019 Melbourne International Animation Festival AUSTRALIA
2018 Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film GERMANY​​​​​​​
2018 Anima Mundi Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL
2018 Cortoons Festival Gandia 2019_ Valencia SPAIN
2018 International animation film festival GOLDEN KUKER - Sofia BULGARIA
2018 Copper Coast International Film Festival UK
2018 La Guarimba International Film Festival ITALY
2018 KisaKes (Cut It Short) Short Film Festival Istanbul Turkey
2017 SIGGRAPH asia Bangkok THAILAND
2017 Bitfilm Contest 
2017 Cardiff International Film Festival UK
2017 Chellavision Short Film Fest CA USA
2017 Sacalacalaca, Interdimensional Horror & Sci-Fi Festival Mexico
2017 Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival
2017 Multivision Festival St Petersburg Russia
2017 Celtic Animation Film Competition Liverpool UK

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