Nikopicto was honoured to participate in the rebranding of CCTV-14, the biggest children's TV channel in China.
We collaborated closely with their team to custom make the best holiday package for the channel's very own characters to explore the world! 
Along this trip they welcome all of their new friends under the "Belt & Road" initiative. 
From concept to delivery, we created a unique mixed-media animation style to bring this imaginary journey to life. 

Nikopicto 很榮幸首次和央視(CCTV)合作,為央視少兒頻道製作宣傳片。 我司負責由故事構思到動畫製作, 以小孩遊走“一帶一路”旅程為骨幹,通過我司獨特的混合2維和3維的製作手法,與CCTV合力为中国小朋友们打造了一个“和美的童幻世界”。

Production (script/storyboard/animation) : Nikopicto Limited
Director : Nicolas Lesaffre
Executive Producer : Lily Leung
Client : CCTV Channel 14

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